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WBCN Studios in Boston, MA
October 05, 2000
  • Recordings from this show can be found here
  • "This was a studio set with some very appreciative fans, which ends with an announcement that Tre cut himself during the last song they played and had to go to the hospital to get medical attention. Nick mentions it near the end of the last track. They weren't planning for this to be a full length set anyway, although it must have had some effect on the concert the night after at Axis. Everyone else's Green Day concerts this late were in pretty large places. Not sure why Boston's would be in a little closet of a club for a band as big as this. Boston likes things green, like Christmas, and the Celtics. And they like Green Day. Even had a friggin' riot at a free concert from them a few years earlier before a much bigger crowd than this that lasted about as long as this before the police had to stop the concert from continuing. No riot here, just a nice short set. Playing drums can be hazardous to various body parts, especially if you're the drummer in Green Day. Apparently they played that next day's show as scheduled and it was a full length Green Day show. Although this is a short set this appears to have all from the introduction to the parting words."
Photos from Boston, MA
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1. Minority
2. Waiting
3. Brat
4. Blood, Sex And Booze
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