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The Hangout in Beloit, WI
August 09, 1991
Other Acts:
Gauge, Lack Of Social Decency, Suckerpunch, Devoid, others
  • Calbee Booth: "Yeah, that was '91, I shot them on that tour too, chicks were bummed because Billie shaved his head and it was the first tour with Tre on drums..."
  • James Ahoy: "This was August 9, 1991 during the day, we had 12 or so bands play. After the show we went to Madison with the band to see Fugazi, Nation Of Ulysses, Naked Agression and Natural Cause. Yes, TrĂ© was on drums."
  • David Ensminger: "They played at Hangout right before the Fugazi/Ulysses gig: I think James Ahoy booked both, because he definitely ran a bus from one gig venue to the next! I showed up for the last Green Day song... Got the times mixed up!"
  • Matt Branch: "Another time Green Day came to the area, they stayed at at a friend's house and, if rumor is not rumor, jumped on cabinets and opened cupboards, looking for anything they might be able to eat. Ok, that's just trash talk, rumors. Nevermind."
  • Michael Rhodes: "Hey, I was just reminiscing in a Facebook group about some old shows. We were discussing a show that occurred in August of 1991. It was on a Saturday and a ton of bands played but it started early because a bunch of folks were heading up to see Fugazi in Milwaukee. The bands I recall playing were Gauge (IL), Lack of Social Decency (WI), Suckerpunch (CA), and Green Day. This was at a place called the Hangout in Beloit, Wisconsin. Looking at the Fugazi Live Series site it would have been August 10th, 1991. ... Although this show was 24 years ago, I remember it pretty well (this was before I drank or smoked pot) and other folks remembered driving up to the Fugazi show afterwards. I also remember talking to Aaron Cometbus in the parking lot, although I had no idea who he was at the time."
Photos from Beloit, WI
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