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The Covered Dish in Gainesville, FL
January 27, 1993
Other Acts:
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  • Shelley Anderson: "Green Day was my first show. They were so small I didn't know who I was going to see. Just following friends to a show."
  • Gainesville Observed: "Green Day performed there right when the group was signing with Warner Bros. 'It was the Kerplunk tour for their last independent release,' Bryson said. 'Expectations for the show were small until the week of the show, and then it sold out in advance.'"
  • Matt Walker: "Green Day had played in Gainesville ... at the Covered Dish with Pasteeater; its members crashed on the floor at SpokeHouse. Scott Huegel recalls singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong shooting bottle rockets out of his ass in the middle of the street that night!"
  • Jana Miller: "...When they were still on "Lookout!" and before they got all 'rockstar pretty'. At the Covered Dish in Gainesville, FL on January 27, 1993. Paste Eater opened. Show was $5 and all ages. ...My BFF's band opened for this show and they were staying with them. Total dirty van touring punk band sleeping on the floor. When they went major label and then blew up I was a bit in awe. Kind of felt like it had all been an act. Never even listened to Dookie. Only heard what you can't escape on the radio. Sometimes my alarm goes off in the morning and they're playing and I just have to roll my eyes and turn it off. That's the only time I briefly hear what's on the radio."
Photos from Gainesville, FL
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1. Don't Leave Me
2. 2,000 Light Years Away
3. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
4. At The Library
5. When I Come Around
6. Only Of You
7. Welcome To Paradise
8. One Of My Lies
9. Longview
10. Christie Road
11. Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell cover)
12. Going To Pasalacqua
13. 16
14. Paper Lanterns
15. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
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