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in Mankato, MN
April 27, 1991
Other Acts:
Libido Boyz
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  • rmdreier: "Saw them in '91 a few times. ... Mankato, MN basement show. Fun live shows, but I wasn't too into their recorded output."
  • PAPERBOY24: "Anyway, Green Day played in my hometown, Mankato, Minn., in front of about 100 kids two weeks [?] before the Dookie hit the fan and they went big-time MTV."
  • AMR: "I had a few friends that regularly made it to Marti's. Told me great stories about Green Day and Rancid and Offspring and Sense Field (OK, so they all weren't breakthrough acts)."
  • Mike: "Marti's Pizza, now known as Tonn's Restaurant, was once a thriving venue for up and coming bands. Before they were playing massive arena shows, Green Day once played this humble venue."
  • WGOM: "I spent many, many nights hanging out at Marty's Pizza angrily moshing to crappy thrash music. I saw a great many bands at Marti's that would eventually make a national splash such as Green Day, The Offspring, and AFI. Ah, the good old angry days."
  • ‎Erik Negaard‎: "I remember Billie Joe back in Mankato hanging out at the old Marti's Pizza location on Front Street. My friend had an apartment across the street from Marti's. A lot of great musicians have passed through Mankato. Thank you for all of the great music you have created Green Day. Everyone gives props to where they came from and to where they are going!"
  • ‎atinasutherland: "Not to bullshit or ride on the back of that $5 but you played in Mankato in the very early 90's. I got grounded and had to mow my neighbors and our grass every 3 days that summer because I let my cousin borrow a Nintendo game that I never got back cause, 'A band from California was crashing.' I was like 10 and didn't give a fuck about music but mom thought I sold it for a piece of shit guitar I found by a dumpster. Anyways, I got into Screeching Weasel and then saw you on MTV and since then, nobody believes me that I saw Green Day play at a mall in fucking Mankato, playing with the Libido Boyz. I'm 36. Green Day (and Rancid, sorry) have been listened to, every day by me for over 24 years, so thank fucking you for the music! Insomniac is my go-to! I'll never bother you again after this question: can you confirm this show was played around 1990? (I'm pretty sure you had dreads.) Edit: Don't remember the game or give a fuck about anything other than that I saw Green Day in a mall in Mankato and BJ had dreads. Just want to confirm. Hated the music at the time and didn't care for them or my cousin after that summer."
Photos from Mankato, MN
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