9410 Church Road in Grosse Isle, MI
August 12, 1991
Other Acts:
Chutes And Ladders
  • holygoat: "I saw Green Day play on my friend's back deck in Grosse Isle 1991. The cops shut 'em down after four songs so they finished acoustic."
  • Jayson Larson: "There was [a video recording]. Two copies between me and another guy. Both went missing once our families started passing them around.."
  • Shawn Grib: "I liked the part where the cops broke up the show because they were playing on the backyard deck. The Police Officer knew you on a first name basis!"
  • Megan Campbell: "They were supposed to play a show at a friend's place and all they wanted was a case of beer and 3 pairs of tube socks. Sadly, the friends booking the show opted for a better-known-to-them band. Dumb."
  • Brian Wimpy: "I was there, my second time seeing Green Day at that time. First time was in the Generals basement with 12 other people. Good times! Green Day played first, Chutes second IN CASE the cops showed. Funny to say they opened for us."
  • Jer: "Yes... It is amazing that Billie Joe is as old as Pete [Townshend] was in '82. I remember talking to him after they opened for my band on a friend's back deck in suburban Detroit in 1991. Makes me feel old! I think he's done well for himself. I can do without the Broadway thing, but I think Green Day have done an exceptional job of maintaining their integrity while putting out great material without looking old and dumb. They are leagues above most other bands out there at that level. He's a great ambassador for the legacy of the 'Mats."
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