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Cafe Panama in Laudio, Spain
November 24, 1991
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  • Peliñecos Rubio: "They got their hair cut at a hair salon and the owner got them a gig."
  • Egoitz Uriarte Arbaizagoitia: "It was a Sunday. The gig was 300 pesetas... I heard the music from outside."
  • Kuko Bergara: "They were late, and arrived in a van that would fall to pieces a few months later. I had a blast at this show."
  • Vicente Plazaola: "I think it was in 1991. They were two hours late. There were no cell phones, so people didn't know whether they were coming or not. It was a Sunday."
  • bibazuek: "The Green Day concert kicked off an hour and a half late, because the band got held up by the police on one of Euskadi roads. Without any sort of soundcheck, the Californian musicians took the stage of the Café Panama. Halfway through the show, the guitar broke. Luckily, one of the attendees who owned a small shop went to his house and lent him a new guitar. That Green Day concert was the culmination of the Ecology Week organized by the members of the non-profit radio station Pirula Irratia, the ecology group Ekhi, the Txitxarra collective and Gaztetxe Asanblada de Laudio."
  • Deia: "The band was half an hour late. There were no cellphones, so we had no idea what happened, but the audience stayed put until they arrived. Turns out, they got arrested in Irun, at the French-Spanish border. Shortly after the show started, Billie's guitar broke. A guy from the audience, who also played in a band, lent his guitar to Billie. Despite the arrest jokes, the concert was very good. They were quite good, but no one imagined they would go so far."
Photos from Laudio, Spain
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1. Only Of You
2. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
3. At The Library
4. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
5. Welcome To Paradise
6. One Of My Lies
7. Christie Road
8. 2,000 Light Years Away
9. Disappearing Boy / I Don't Know (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
10. Going To Pasalacqua
11. 16
12. Paper Lanterns
13. Android
14. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
15. Road To Acceptance
16. I Was There
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