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UC Santa Barbara, Red Barn in Isla Vista, CA
January 27, 1991
Other Acts:
Suckerpunch, The Monster Club, Blatz, Shankenstizer
  • lushhjay: "That was down at the Red Barn in Santa Barbara with Blatz, right?"
  • Giant Robot: "...A road trip to some shack in Santa Barbara... ...When the show in Santa Barbara was busted for being too loud, Green Day played an acoustic set accompanied by a homeless man. Circa 1991?"
  • Dan Graham: "Wasn't this the show when Blatz and Green Day's shared van broke down... By the time they got started the cops said it was too late and shut it down, forcing Green Day to play acoustic outside."
  • Idjiit: "The first time I saw Green Day they played at a place called the Red Barn in Isla Vista, CA - the place was probably 20' x 20' square. The cops shut the show down before they could go on, so they ended up doing an impromptu 'acoustic' set outside the barn with probably about 20 kids watching. Tre banged on the truck's metal toolbox in place of a drum kit. They forever sealed my respect with that one - again, great guys. They've earned everything they've received."
  • risorl_oneri: "Sorry to not actually comment on Green Day - but of course, they rule. The first time I saw them was in Isla Vista, CA (college town for UC Santa Barbara) around 1991 at the Red Barn, a little county-owned place that was mainly used by homeless dudes to stash their belongings during the day. A lot of punk rock shows went down there for a while. On this particular day, the show got shut down right as Green Day was about to go on. Being the consummate performers that they are, they did an impromptu acoustic set out front with Tre banging on the van toolbox, Billie Joe playing guitar and singing and Mike just doing goofy backups. And of course, all the kids sang along as well. Truly a class-act."
Photos from Isla Vista, CA
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