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OK Hotel in Seattle, WA
July 19, 1991
Other Acts:
Schleprock, Treepeople
  • Jeff Bull: "I mean, Green Day at the OK Hotel for $5, with fewer than 100 people? How do you top that?"
  • Wayne R. Flower: "Treepeople played a show with Green Day in Seattle right before they blew up. They did come out of the punk scene in Oakland, California. My punk friends knew Billie and admired him."
  • Dougsf: "When I was a senior in High School I saw them at the OK Hotel. Billie Joe was sporting tie-dye, long hair, and a backwards baseball hat. Didn't matter either, they played pretty fucking good Buzzcocks/SLF inspired punk rock - never my favorite, but definately appealed to my sensibilities at the time, and I can't think of anyone that's done it better since. All that Lookout stuff they did is great."
  • Bryan Donald White: "I don't like who they became, but let me tell you a story. 1989-1991 I 'worked' at a club called the X-Ray (it was the UFO before) in Portland. We had 'hardcore Sundays' which were afternoon shows specifically for hardcore - we couldn't have these shows late on Sunday or basically any other time because of noise and violence problems if we had them at night. Green Day were practically children - old enough to drive a van, but not old enough to buy beer. They would drive up from California to play our insane little club. And they actually were loud, fast, childish hardcore back then. Being just barely 21 myself, I would go buy them beer (40's of Green Death / Ranier Ale - if you grew up in the NW you know this stuff). Below the club was a crazy scary basement, where the 'real office' was. The stairs down there were treacherous, almost a ladder. One afternoon Billie fell down them and I sort of carried his drunk teenage ass back up. That is one of my weird brushes with fame."
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