House in Seabeck, WA
June 01, 1990
Other Acts:
Ant Farm, Two Foot Small, others
  • Exact date unknown
  • Tony Reed: "I lost my job at Peaches over this show. Killer show, I recorded it."
  • Dave Morris: "I remember driving out to this show - in that clunky Chevette I had at the time. Wasn't just a plain old two-car garage with flourescent lighting, or maybe a one-car garage."
  • Donovan Read: "I had the first [shirt] they printed. John changed the colors and wiped the squeegee on the bottom of my shirt. I thought it had class. But I lost it. But I'm sure I already wrote that."
  • Tony Schoengart: "Yeah, it was in Lois and Jimmy's garage. They were the second owners of Eat And Run Pizza in Seattle that a bunch of us worked at. What year was this though, I'm thinking '89 or '90."
  • Donovan Read: "They had only just released 39/Smooth, so they had those songs and the 1000 Hours stuff. Thankfully, the B-Town punk-type people were into them before they came, so it was much more fun. I had the first shirt they hand-screen printed on the lawn, but I lost it. Tre wasn't in the band yet. John was the drummer at the time, he's on 1000 Hours, 39 Smooth and possibly Slappy but I didn't have that 7" so I can't confirm that. I think he went to school or something. Thinking it was '89, maybe '90."
  • Cookiehead P Jenkins: "John was the coolest. From what I understand he now owns and operates a bicycle shop and doesn't play music. I remember driving out to the 'show' with those guys in their van - me and Tommy Dower - and we were suckin' down the beers, as was our way. They stopped to get gas and John said: 'Do they have a bathroom here?' and Tommy said: 'Not sure... But there's probably one right there at the ihop if you have to go.' which John replied: 'Oh no... I'm fine... I just noticed you two have been drinking a lot of beer.'"
Photos from Seabeck, WA
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