Hillside Hellhouse in Victoria, BC
January 11, 1991
Other Acts:
Brent's TV, others
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  • John Kiffmeyer played drums
  • Jay Brown: "Green Day playing in my basement at the Hillside Hellhouse."
  • Bounce: "I saw Green Day here in Victoria in the early 90's at a house somewhere, at Bonehead's or on Steel St. Not too sure, I was wasted. Had a Brent's TV t-shirt from the show. They jiffy-markered the title in. Random memories."
  • MikeBones: "Was that on Quadra Street? My sister fixed their van while they were here and they stayed at her house on Quadra Street, the old house that used to have the big orange letters in the window that spelled something different every week!"
  • Stefan Nevatie: "Funny you should mention Green Day, before they hit big, they played a gig in Vic, I think at the Hillside Hellhouse. Anyway, they borrowed $30 off the brother of the drummer of Myopia - band I used to be in. $30 and they still owe it. Haha"
  • pilot light: "Met Billie Joe Armstrong in a basement in this town in 1991. We got into the party and there was Green Day right there live, couple of two by fours between the crowd and the band and it was not long before they became famous, NOFX also played, I think I was on LSD and beer that night! I was 17! It was called the Hillside Hellhouse back then until finally the bulldozer knocked it down long after it had been condemned in 1997! It's a condo complex now and the inhabitants mostly retired and know nothing about its past! So I do gas fireplace services there now on hallowed ground!"
Photos from Victoria, BC
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