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Speedboat Gallery in St. Paul, MN
August 05, 1991
Other Acts:
Trinity Of Swine
  • Paul Dickinson: "For the record... Green Day was paid $100! and fed a fine meal from Motor Oil to boot..."
  • John Mulhouse: "Then I know they played the Speedboat Gallery in St. Paul, MN sometime near then. Maybe the fall?"
  • Rebecca Frestedt: "I really should have spent more time at the Speedboat. I saw only one show there: Green Day and Trinity of Swine (I think that's what they were called)."
  • Ruthann Godollei: "This pre-superstar Green Day poster was designed by Motor Oil staff in rubber stamp with re-photocopying used to convey the punk sound ethos in a simple black and white poster."
  • Sharyn: "My friend Spitty roadies for Green Day. When they play the Speedboat I hear one of them utter the lamest pickup line ever... "Wanna see the inside of my van?" It's not directed at me. I am not a pretty girl."
  • Donny Doane: "TRINITY OF SWINE!!! We once played with a pre-fame Green Day at Speedboat Gallery on Selby Avenue in Saint Paul. Punk rock at an art gallery. In Saint Paul. Who'd have ever thought of such a thing?"
  • Letoile Magazine: "We had Green Day play there twice, and we paid them $100 the first time, and $150 the second time. And that was a good paying night! You could tell they were different because they knew how to harmonize. I think rock 'n' roll belongs in a firetrap."
  • Derek Haglund: "I. So. Wish. I haven't been there since a show in 91, some van-touring band from the Bay Area apparently called Green Day or something. The ceiling was low. The band was loud. Loud loud. Cool art upstairs. Choked down what was probably my first cup of coffee ever prior to the show. Fond memories. Much respect."
  • The_Pope_Of_Chili_Town: "Ah, the memories. Sometime after that CD came out I saw them play a show in the basement of the Speedboat Gallery/Cafe in St. Paul, MN. That place had some pretty kick ass shows back in the day. There was a good turn out for a basement show, but it was far from packed. They rocked it. I think Billie Joe was wearing a pig nose at one point. It was my first introduction to the band."
  • Twin Cities Daily Planet: "Green Day played there - for $100. Bikini Kill and Arcwelder played there. Fugazi wanted to play there, but owner Paul Dickinson turned them down because he didn't want to violate the fire code that badly. It was started as an 'art gallery' that would be a front for rock shows, but then to everyone's surprise it turned into a respected art space that served as an incubator for now-established artists including Frank Gaard, Michael Thomsen, and Sean Smuda."
Photos from St. Paul, MN
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