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Angelo's Pizza in Arcata, CA
January 01, 1991
Other Acts:
Garden Weasel
  • Exact date unknown
  • Mustard Relics: "My old band Garden Weasel and the super successful Green Day. Other than both starting with the letter 'G' and playing music you might wonder what those two bands have in common. Well we both played Angelo's Pizza in Arcata, California in 1991. Ha, my brush with fame. Actually I’ve brushed elbows with many superstars in my time including the actress who played Nellie Olson on the TV hit Little House On The Prairie. See what I mean. Now what made that show special was not that we played with Green Day, who were just like us at the time, nothing, but the fact that for Garden Weasel it was the best paying gig we ever had. The owners decide to pay us in beer and pizza. I don’t think they realized how much a few of our friends (roadies, ha, ha) could consume. I remember thinking that we must have ingested about $400 worth of beer and pizza. So what the image above is, is a picture of me watching Green Day. In the picture at left, the manager or owner thought the people there were getting a little too crazy, so he made everyone sit down or he was going to stop the show. Now I give Green Day a hard time and maybe a part of that is that they are making a (too) good living doing something they love and I’m jealous. The reality is that they are a damn good pop band and no one can take that away from them. But to this day I can’t stand what they stand (stood) for and in hanging out with them I decided, that night, almost 20 years ago, that had they stuck around the pizza parlor for very long I would have puked on them and all the little idiots that followed them around. I read this at one site, 'Punk just wouldn’t have been the same without Green Day. The band brought back punk in a big way, laying the groundwork for many pop-punk bands to follow.'"
Photos from Arcata, CA
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