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Tichigan Fireman's Picnic, Waterford Town Park in Tichigan, WI
August 08, 1991
Other Acts:
The Oxymorons, Natural Cause, Billingsgate, Blatherskite, Gauge, Little Elvis, Uncle Smooth And The Lost Mayans
  • ‎Mitchell Dries‎: "I also slashed the Hamm's Bear at the Green Day show in Tichigan '91. And I also peed in Jenny's cat litter box. Whoo! Feels good to come clean!"
  • Emil Lundeen: "I want to hear that Blatherskite tape. I think I still might have that flyer. They played a show with Green Day that Brad Marta put on in Tichigan Wisconsin with Natural Cause, Inspector 12, Blatherskite, Uncle Smooth And The Lost Mayans, Naked Raygun, and a band with a chick singer named Rhinelander. Somebody popped a hole in the Beer Bear and the show got shut down. Then we had to move the show above the abortion clinic off of Wisconsin Avenue and that's when shit really got weird."
  • Dan Fischer: "The show was at the Tichigan Fireman's Picnic in Tichigan. We all got booted after the someone or someones (not to mention names) slashed the 50ft Hamm's Beer Bear. Show ended up above the abortion clinic on 27th and Wisconsin. Did Green Day get ripped off buying something naughty? ...I remember telling Billie Joe not to buy hash from a guy that was always hanging around the clinic and the Rave. This guy would smoke good shit, then sell you complete crap. Well, Billie bought $200 worth of dirt. He was so pissed... They also got KICKED out of the apartment they were playing at. WHAT A NIGHT!"
  • Jones: "GREEN DAY and THE OXYMORONS were supposed to be the big draws, so GREEN DAY was slated to play last and we were to play right before them. We sat there in some park outside of Milwaukee pretty much all day drinking, listening to one band after another, and talking to people as they came by the van. It was fun for the first few hours, but by 10:00 p.m. or so, I was ready to play and get the hell out of there. We had a six-hour drive to St. Louis in the morning. This park had a gigantic hot air balloon figure of Smokey the Bear sitting maybe thirty feet from the covered area where the bands were playing. At some point after sundown, somebody slashed it. The police showed up, saw that big expensive bear sagging, and kicked everybody out. So the show got moved to an apartment in Milwaukee occupied by a friend of the kid who had put the festival together."
Photos from Tichigan, WI
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