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Veterans Memorial Center in Davis, CA
June 02, 1989
Other Acts:
Thornucopia, The Vagrants, Purple Bosco
  • Recordings from this show can be found here
  • The Sacramento Bee: "GREENDAY - The Vagrants, Purple Bosco, and Thornucopia 7 pm Friday Veterans Memorial 14th and B streets Davis $4"
  • Rob Roy: "Green Day played in that basement before they became the enormous rock stars they are now."
  • Marisol Da Câmara: "What happened to Al? The last time I saw him we were helping Green Day load their van when they played the Davis Community Center, and no one knew who they were."
  • Adam Corbin: "I remember smoking pot with the guys from Green Day and they were handing out autographed 45's for free. I remember Josh Lawson saying to them, 'Nah, I don't need that, you ain't gonna be famous anyway.' Thanks for the pot, dude."
  • Shayne Stacy: "So, I went to this show after seeing Green Day play at Gilman on 5/28. I fell in love with them immediately so I went to this Davis show. This video would have looked GREAT but they turned the lights out right before they played. D'oh. I talked to Billie Joe about this video at the Monsula show last year - he not only knew about the video, he said he watched it and that there is an unreleased song on it called 'xxx' (I can't remember, shit). I thought that was really cool that he knew of the video. ...Recorded with an Aiwa CV-80 camera and Sony ECM-909 mic. 8mm master transferred with sony DCR-TRV230 via firewire into a Dell Xeon sever."
Photos from Davis, CA
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1. At The Library
2. Why Do You Want Him?
3. Sweet Children
4. I Was There
5. Only Of You
6. 1,000 Hours
7. Green Day
8. 16
9. My Generation (The Who cover)
10. I Want To Be Alone
11. Don't Leave Me
12. Disappearing Boy
13. The One I Want
14. Rest
15. On The Road Again (Willie Nelson cover)
16. You Can't Fool Me
17. Dry Ice
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