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7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN
April 28, 1991
Other Acts:
The Stench (headliner), Libido Boyz
  • Incomplete setlist
  • John Mulhouse: "Green Day opened that 1991 show in the 7th St. Entry for the Stench and Libido Boyz, who headlined. Adrienne used to date the Libido Boyz singer. Green Day was the first of three bands, playing before The Stench and Libido Boyz. The only song I remember them playing for sure is At The Library."
  • Jon Halverson: "Cool, I missed Green Day the last time they played in Mpls. they opened for the Libido Boyz, who are actually good friends of some friends, but they are defunct now so it doesn't matter. The Green Day show was their [Libido Boyz's] last."
  • James Washburn: "I did a Green Day van trip with Lucky Dog. That motherfucker, he was so impossible to tour with. But I'm sure I was impossible half the time, too. It's a community effort. Bein' an asshole sometimes takes more than one person. So we went on this van tour. It was more a trip for Billie to go see Adrienne. Billie's heart went pitter-patter. So we drove for 36 hours straight to South Dakota. Played only two or three shows, and parties that sprung up while we were there. But these shows were completely sold out. A few times it was really trippy. I remember this one guy that hunted deer a lot. He had venison salami, and he was like, "Fuck, man, welcome to the Midwest! Bay Area boys are outta their element here!" On this trip, Lookout! Records was still very small ... We were at a show that was absolutely shoulder to shoulder packed. I remember Bill stopping in the middle of a song, and the entire audience knew every single word. I was thinking, I'm in the fuckin' middle of Minnesota! I knew what was coming, what we know today as Green Day. That was '91."
Photos from Minneapolis, MN
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1. At The Library
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