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Apartment in Milwaukee, WI
August 08, 1991
Other Acts:
The Oxymorons
  • Jeff Fortin: "The vacant lot at 27th and Wisconsin where Green Day played in an apartment above an abortion clinic."
  • PleasedToMeetMe: "My old boss at KFC told me a story once about how he saw Green Day in 1991 in Milwaukee above an abortion clinic."
  • Cory von Bohlen: "Following show was Tichigan that was moved/cancelled due to some mischief if I recall. They played on Wisconsin Ave. above an abortion clinic."
  • Repo Man: "I once saw Green Day play in some girl's apartment above an abortion clinic in Milwaukee. They were like 16 or 17 years old and were like 4 years from making it big."
  • Tim Golubeff: "Green Day, what a bunch of pricks. Cheri was nice enough to let them play at her place. ...The drummer told her to suck his dick becouse he's a man and she's a bitch? He was real close to getting his teeth kicked in that night."
  • Jones: "The apartment was pretty huge and situated on the third floor of a three-story building. The lower two floors, strangely enough, were occupied by an abortion clinic. The building itself was located just a couple of blocks from Jeffrey Dahmer's old apartment building, which was still standing at the time. Dahmer had been arrested just the previous summer, so we all drove by the building and marvelled. There were a lot of people on hand at the apartment. We decided to go greet Green Day and offer a handshake to Billie Joe. No response. Same from the other two members. Then Green Day decided that they MUST go on first so that they could go to bed, even though they were staying in Milwaukee and we and the other band had to be in St. Louis the next day. We explained this and the fact that the crowd would greatly diminish after they played. Their only response was that if they didn't play right then, they were leaving. So we let them go on and, as we expected, when they were done, half the room was gone. We recognized most of the people who had stayed, so we knew that if we played next, no one would see the last band. So we let them go and ended up starting a six-hour drive to St. Louis at 4 a.m. Green Day begged and pleaded the owner of the apartment to let them stay there. She was like, 'Okay.' Somebody put a Grateful Dead tape in the stereo. Tre Cool threw it out the window, and they got kicked out. So they were outside singing and acting like it was no big deal. Then the bass player started sidling over, looking at us like he wanted to give us the privilege of allowing Green Day to sleep in our van. We waved bye-bye and high tailed it on to St. Louis. I heard later that the guy who had organized the show let them stay at his house. This guy lived with his parents. Green Day showed up at 6am and promptly set about dying their hair in the guy's bathroom, getting hair dye everywhere and leaving a big turd behind the toilet. Wow. Punk, I guess. Anyway, that's the story."
Photos from Milwaukee, WI
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