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Club Metro in Melbourne, FL
August 26, 1991
Other Acts:
Shelter (headliner), Zero Tolerance
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  • Zero Tolerance: "I'm pretty sure Green Day narrowly escaped a Zero Tolerance beatdown at this show. It was at a record shop if I remember correctly."
  • "What a weird show. This was the first Shelter tour and I guess Green Day happened to be passing through the area on the same day. Shelter played a couple of Youth Of Today songs off the last 7" and I remember packs of kids flocking around Ray and Vic's krishna machine. Edgewise cancelled..."
  • Aaron Squadrilli: "It was a great show... Edgewise didn't play. Hence they were X'd off the flyer. Zero Tolerance stole the show! One of my all-time favorite shows. I've never heard of Green Day before this show. I remember them setting up and the singer just looked like he rather be at the dentist's than be there. I had a jumping contest with Cappo before the show. He beat me by a hair."
  • John White‎: "Probably 150 people there even though I promoted the hell out of it. Not to talk too much shit, but I got into a huge argument with Shelter's tour manager because I told them I was going to split the proceeds evenly between them and Green Day (meaning they would get less than their 'guarantee' in their contract). In the end I compromised and gave them a bit more than GD since I did sign a 'contract', but less than the 'guarantee'. Funny thing was, all Green Day cared about was a place to stay and hang out, they were totally cool about the limited money situation, kinda funny how things turned out."
Photos from Melbourne, FL
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1. Don't Leave Me
2. I Was There
3. At The Library
4. Only Of You
5. Paper Lanterns
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