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Sudbury Community Arena in Sudbury, ON
October 26, 1995
Other Acts:
The Riverdales
  • Adam David Boyle: "Oddfellows, Minemill, All-Night Christian Rollerskate... Glorious days, oh glorious days! Who else camped out overnight for that 45-minute Green Day concert?"
  • Erin Van Horn: "Ha ha ha, I remember going to the Crackhouse and Leo answering the door and telling me Green Day was upstairs. I thought he was being so funny, get upstairs and there's Mike Dirnt and Tre playing chess and lounging on the couch. Then they left with those electric scooters."
  • Jen Beaudry: "Ummm... I think I missed out on the All-Night Christian Rollerskate! The Green Day concert. Awesome memories. Not of the concert, because I didn't actually go, but of making fun of all the little kids with their kool-aid hair! Then, we ran into the drummer and bassist across from the mall, and hung out with them for a couple of hours at the Crackhouse! Good times. If only they would have brought Ben Weasel with them... Hey, it's better than getting beat up by a prostitute, right Erin?"
  • Jason Bolduc: "Yes ... from what I remember they played acoustic version of Brain Stew on the couch and said they were going to write a song about being fucked up on a couch. Then Mike hanged out with the window with myself screaming at Green Day fans, how much Green Day sucks, and don't waste your fuckin' money. They were actually there to pick up some drugs. When we gave them honey oil. They thought it was motor oil. They got all pissed off and left. We never kicked them out."
  • Scott Ballard: "I recall camping out for Green Day tickets. What a gongshow that was. It was basically just an excuse to party. (Like we need an excuse.) There was that Indian who was stealing stuff or breaking stuff, and someone smashed him on the head with a beer bottle, he got messed up! Erin Van Horn being attacked by a hooker. Ban Gammon and I hanging with Herb at that freaky grotto. Someone smashed an accoustic guitar when the sun was coming up, it could have been Nick Kohut. Funny thing was that there were so many tickets that there was really no need to camp out for them. It's odd that I remeber all that stuff better than I remember last week..."
Photos from Sudbury, ON
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