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GDA Recap of a Green Day concert and meet up in Denver, CO, USA

When I first decided to make the trip out to Denver for the Green Day show a couple weeks ago, I was obviously super excited. But at that time, I had no idea how awesome and epic it would actually be.

My flight left Cedar Rapids at 4:45 on Friday, August 27th. I arrived in Denver at about 5:30 greeted by two people who I've only talked to online: Alex and J'Net. It only took me a couple minutes to realize how truly amazing these two people actually are.... and it would only get better as the weekend progressed.

Today begins week number five, the last week of Green Day's second leg of their 21st Century Breakdown North American tour. Green Day played three killer shows last week and you can view photos and the setlist from each of them on our tour ... read story
Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Emmy's tonight, and he opened up with a musical intro saying good bye to all the TV shows that were cancelled or finished this year. He started out playing the piano as Elton John, and ended up dressed as Billie ... read story
Right now is this the best quality we've seen of the video (even though it's only the last part of the song). This is another new song Green Day performed in Denver (here's the video for Cigarettes and Valentines). We don't have the " ... read story
As Matt mentioned in an earlier post, Green Day played Cigarettes and Valentines at last nights Denver show. The song was recorded for the upcoming live album. Here's a video of the 'new' song. Thanks to ncmarek2 for emailing us a link ... read story
Holy. F'ing. Sh*t. Just got back to my hotel from the Denver concert with Alex, J'net, and Tony. All I can say is "fucking amazing." There are no other words to describe that show. It was awesome to say the least. So here is a short ... read story
Once a week we're going to post the tweets Billie Joe posted on the official Green Day Twitter account for the past week. I know some of you don't follow the band there, so, I thought this might be a good way to bring these tweets out for ... read story
For the month of September, tickets for the American Idiot musical are on sale for nearly 50% off. $65 for any seat in the theater. Even better, if you order a ticket for any show during the week of Sept. 7 - Sept. 12, any seat is only $50 ... read story
Independent California radio station 91x is holding a competition entitled 'Wanna-Be Green Day Rock Band'. You are invited to join the 91x crew at the Tilted Kilt on September 1st to gear up for the Green Day show the next night by playing ... read story
Here's episode 13 of the GDA Podcast, Static Noise. This week Andres, Matt, Mikey, Jimmy and Scotty talk about the possibility of a new live album and Green Day participating in charity stuff. We're also going to be giving away some ... read story
KROQ is having a contest to give away 70 pairs Green Day tickets, and to get people involved in cleaning up the environment at the same time. Seems like something Green Day would be all over. They are giving away 70 pairs of tickets, and ... read story
The band just posted on their twitter account that there is a possibility for a new live album soon. We've been recording our live shows since the beginning of tour. Possible Live album coming. A ton of songs! We're in texas! There hasn't ... read story
This morning the Children's Hospital and Research Center Foundation from Oakland, CA announced that Green Day is selling 30 VIP passes at $1,000 each to Green Day's show in Mountain View, CA on September 4th. The VIP passes get you into ... read story
Today begins week number four of Green Day's second leg of their 21st Century Breakdown North American tour. Green Day spent the better part of the week in Canada pumping out old classics including '80', '86', 'Brat', '1000 Hours', ' ... read story
Cristal Cerveza is giving fans the opportunity to choose the opening band for Green Day's show in Santiago, Chile on October 24th. Fans can choose between the bands Los Mox, BBS Paranoicos, or Nabu. You can vote by clicking here. Thanks ... read story
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