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Once a week we're going to post the tweets Billie Joe posted on the official Green Day Twitter account for the past week. I know some of you don't follow the band there, so, I thought this might be a good way to bring these tweets out for everyone.

August 20
"I tried to play twister with my 3 dogs today and they just didn't get it.. Right paw on red.. Is that so hard?"

"We played the same place in toronto where I branded chris cote in Riding in vans with boys.. Meemmooorriieeeees"

"Quebec city!! Did anyone see the giant squirrel when AFI was playing? Weird. I still challenge Shaq!! Let's petition Shaq vs Green Day!! Fuk"

August 22
"Have you ever played the game Mafia? Aka wolves and villagers. Good times in montreal! Love those signs. Highlight- armatage shanks"

August 23
"Michigan=insanity! What a fuckin show! I keep seeing naked people in the crowd. Is this becoming a trend? Hmmm."

"Michigan highlight- JAR!"

August 24
"We've been recording our live shows since the beginning of tour. Possible Live album coming. A ton of songs! We're in texas!"

"Shaq vs Charles Barkley?? WTF!? Shaq quit being a wuss! We're callin you out Big man!"

August 25
"I'm in Austin. These town is one of a kind. Hey Austin please tell us east bay people how its done!!"

August 26
"What up Steve? 1 miwion 2 miwion 3 miwion."

August 27
"Dallas! Highlight- letterbomb and my mom was at the gig I got 2 tattoos tonight. Good bye texas! You will be missed"

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