Holy. F'ing. Sh*t. Just got back to my hotel from the Denver concert with Alex, J'net, and Tony. All I can say is "fucking amazing." There are no other words to describe that show. It was awesome to say the least.

So here is a short recap for the time being until I'm in a normal state to post a full recap.

Of course, they started the show with 21CB, KYE, EJN, and Holiday. Then, they went into MURDER CITY! That was awesome to see live.

But the biggest thing of the night was that the band played a song they have only played live once... and it was at the San Jose sound check. Anyone know what song I'm talking about? CIGARETTES AND VALENTINES! And they played it TWICE in-a-row!! That is a GREAT song and I hope that it will be released some day.... oh wait...... IT WILL!! More exciting news.... Billie confirm his Tweet from a few days ago... the band WILL be releasing a live album. And Cigs and Vals will be on it! He didn't mention a date or time frame but hopefully soon!

Also, Billie played ANOTHER unreleased song..... OLIVIA! It was a short version of it but it was GREAT none-the-less.

That's all I've got for tonight at the moment. I will try and get something up tomorrow or Monday with a full recap from the show. Sorry if my words don't make sense.... I'm half dead right now from the show.
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