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finally got my new computer in, so I was able to capture the Billboard Awards performance and the VH1 performance. Right click the files and select "save target as".

Billboard Awards- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
VH1 Big in '04- American Idiot.

Don't miss another performance tonight, this one on Jay Leno on NBC. It starts at 11:35EST. I should be able to capture it.

Billie Joe said that people have started writing scripts to turn A.I. into a movie. The single and music video for Holiday should be coming out sometime "after the holiday's" according to Billie Joe in this interview. So I imagine we should look forward for these around January. GDA will keep an eye out for them.

He also stated that Green Day will be doing another US tour next summer. For those of us that didn't get to see em this time around, we can have next spring/summer. So lets all look forward to those dates being announced after the new year sometime.

Also I finally got all the Extra's to work. So download away!

Also, I know a lot of you are always looking for a place to put your images online for a forum or something. Well check out It was setup by our current host for you guys to use
Well Green Day is very much in the media's spotlight again. We got some articles for you guys to read. And notice that GDA has all this news posted first!! The first article is from The interview was taken last night with ... read story
Green Day is tearing up the charts in New Zealand, current American Idiot is Number 10 in the Top 100, and the American Idiot single is currently #7, an BOBD is expected to get a higher debut next week. Green Day will be playing in New ... read story
ey everyone. I picked up my issue of Drum Magazine tonight with Tré on the cover (see right). I also picked up a copy of a UK magazine called Q. There is a Green Day article in that as well, along with a CD with Letterbomb as a track. To ... read story
For some Green Day news now. Green Day will be recording the Big in '04 show tomorrow in LA. If your in the area, there are still tickets available on Click Here. Green Day will be playing for the Billboard Awards in Las ... read story
reen Day is set to play at MTV's New Year's Eve Ball in New York, New York. Let's hope they don't have the same incident as they did in 1998, when Billie got really drunk and cursed on live TV. If you'd like more details, click here. If you ... read story
Green Day is going to be performing on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Show on December 9, 2004, which also happens to be Tré's birthday. Green Day > UK has an interview video with Green Day from CD:UK. Visit their site to check that ... read story
I got my issue of Blender Magazine in the mail today, and the headline reads "Top 100 Songs of 2004" and "Top 50 Albums of 2004". I was shocked to find that American Idiot got #68 on the top song list, Avril Lavigne even ranked higher with ... read story
So I got an e-mail from a GDA Vistor, Logan, about Green Day action figures! He said he had picked one up at Spencer's Gifts (usually in malls). I went strolling over there myself today, and bought two of them, Billie Joe and Mike. I didn't ... read story
Last night Green Day played on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. For some reason, some Canada viewers got a re-run of Kimmel and didn't see Green Day. So if anyone captured the show last night or if anyone comes across it online, please send it in to us ... read story
For the small amount of Green Day news today, here ya go. Green Day is up for "BEST ROCK ACT" for the Asia MTV Awards. So you need to go here and vote for them, right now they are losing to Hoobastank. Just a reminder, Green Day will be ... read story
Hello everyone, got a bit of Green Day news and some more site updates. As for the Green Day news, the BOBD music video will be on TRL on November 29. And also Green Day will be playing along with Incubus, Good Charlotte, and many other ... read story
Today for those of you who have not seen the "Making the Video: Boulevard of Broken Dreams", be sure to watch it tonight on MTV2 at 9PM Eastern, followed by the new music video. The music video is up for download in our Videos section. ... read story
Hey hi. I just finished watching the debate. It was pretty alright. I'm impartial on this fuckfest. Regardless, THE AOL SESSIONS ARE UP! AND THEY'RE AWESOME! Check it out here . It's real awesome. Make sure to watch after each video is ... read story
Green Day is number one on the American charts selling 267,000 copies of American Idiot just in America, and they are also number one in the following countries; Canada, Japan, Italy, Australia, and the UK (which sold over (200,000). ... read story
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