AOL Sessions

By MattD /Sep. 30, 2004 / Comments
Hey hi. I just finished watching the debate. It was pretty alright. I'm impartial on this fuckfest. Regardless, THE AOL SESSIONS ARE UP! AND THEY'RE AWESOME! Check it out here
. It's real awesome. Make sure to watch after each video is over for a small 5 second blooperclip...I must say, GD's "Rock The Casbah" is to die for. They also play The Kids Are Alright by The Who. Anyway, AOL is streaming this off of their site, so, if ANYONE CAN RECORD STREAMING VIDEO, please rip this for GDA and send it over so we could get a steadier stream going. The videos will also air, if you haven't heard, commercial free on FUSE tomorrow at 7PM. So, if you rippers out there wanna rip it onto the computer and send it over, it would be greatly appreciated and will not go uncredited. Thanks, and happy watching.
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