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reen Day is set to play at MTV's New Year's Eve Ball in New York, New York. Let's hope they don't have the same incident as they did in 1998, when Billie got really drunk and cursed on live TV. If you'd like more details, click here. If you want to read a great review of Green Day's performance on November 24th performance in San Francisco, click here. "Thought by many to be a spent force, Green Day have fought back with the best album of their career." Read the article that great line came from @ And last but not least, if you live in America, are at least the age of 18, and didn't vote, Billie is pissed at you. Read here.

As for GDA updates, we have a new affiliate, Brain Stew. And as for the forum, there was some confusion on the server's part, we're hopefully getting that resolved real soon. Interested in buying some GDA/Green Day stickers? Click here for details.
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