We've finally put up all the photos submitted to us from Halloween. Check out the photos of the Green Day themed pumpkins, and fans dressed up as Green Day for Halloween.

Earlier this month, NME published their top 50 picks for the coolest music personalities, in their "Ultimate Cool List." Billie Joe didn't make the list, but he's included among the artists that fans can vote for to determine the fans' top ten choices. To vote for him, just click this link (you'll notice on the right side it says "you just rated Billie Joe"). You can also place votes here. Update: When I posted this item, his rating was 3.85, on a scale from 1 to 10. It's now at 7.12 and he's number two on the list.
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VH1 compiled a list of the "100 Greatest Songs of the '90s." It includes Green Day's Good Riddance. You can vote for your favorite songs from that list, here.
Holiday was played during the Macy's Day Parade today by the Marching Ravens.Update: Here's a video on YouTube. Thanks to Jeff for the link.We've uploaded an mp3 of them playing for you guys to download, click here. Thanks to Matt C. for ... read story
Billie Joe's and Adrienne's Adeline Street clothing label is holding an open casting call for models. It will take place on Dec. 1 in Santa Ana, California. For more information, check Adeline Street's MySpace.Green Day are nominated for ... read story
A trailer for the documentary film oneninenefour, about the explosion of punk rock in the 90s, which was led by the meteoric rise of Green Day, has just been released and is posted on the film's website. It features interview clips with Fat ... read story
In the current issue of Kerrang, readers voted for "the most thrilling, most memorable and most insane live shows the UK has ever seen." Green Day came in at number two with their performance at Milton Keynes in 2005. There's a picture of ... read story
Rolling Stone's 40th Anniversary issue is available online, free, in a digital edition. It contains every page exactly as it appears in the magazine. You can leaf through the pages as if you were reading the magazine in print, skip ahead, ... read story
Mike Dirnt was in Sicily, Italy, in mid-October of this year, and some very happy-looking fans got their pictures taken posing with him. See all the pictures in the Picture Vault.Sources: Jimmoccio's My Space and Mupsters MySpace.And if you ... read story
Today Mr. Jason White is celebrating his 34th birthday. Happy Birthday from the entire GDA Staff.Billie Joe is quoted in a new book about The Replacements. : First time was when I was fifteen years old, at the Filmore in San Francisco. My ... read story
Adrienne Armstrong has teamed up with Jamie Kidson (a clothing designer and co-owner of some other shops in Berkley) to open up Atomic Gardens. It's a clothing and home goods store that is community oriented and eco-friendly. You can read ... read story
Green Day has teamed up with Music for Relief to auction off an autographed Green Day picture, with the proceeds going to help victims of the wildfires in Southern California.At the time of this posting it's at $41 with 10 bids. Bidding ... read story
Billie Joe showed up with his kids and Adrienne at a Hannah Montana/ Jonas Brothers concert last Thursday. The person who took the picture to the right wrote that Billie was generous in taking time to take photos with the tons of people who ... read story
Rolling Stone interviewed Billie Joe for their 40th anniversary. They have the written article with a 6 minute audio clip up top with part of the interview, and they also have a short video interview with Billie Joe at the photo shoot.The ... read story
Happy Halloween everyone!To celebrate this wonderfully colored holiday, we'd like for you guys to send us pictures of your Green Day-themed pumpkins. You can check out some from last year in the Pic Vault.I'd like to see pictures of any of ... read story
Green Day's 2005 performance of American Idiot (at the Grammy's) was voted as one of the top 25 Grammy moments of the last 50 years, and will be part of My Night At the Grammy's airing on November 30th at 8pm ET on CBS.Also included were ... read story
Billie Joe's Gibson Les Paul has been included as an unlockable guitar in the new Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. Even more reason for me to get my ass to the store today and pick up a copy of the game. Thanks to soundbarrier4 for the news ... read story
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