We've been adding entries for the Video Contest. Be sure to check them out.

I've been getting lots of emails about the contest, so I'll go over a few of them here.

1) Do we have to sing or show our face?
    - No you do not. If you'd just like to play an instrument, then go right ahead.
2) Can we enter a music video instead of performing?
    - No. We will be doing a seperate contest for music videos in the near future.
3) Does it have to be solo?
    - Nope. As long as you are playing in there somewhere, you can have as many people as you'd like in your entry.
4) What if i suck?
    - Some people would consider that a talent.
  We're starting up a new contest today here at GDA. We want people to record a video of themselves playing any Green Day song and send it in. Entries will be accepted till February 11th, followed by a vote starting February 12th to choose ... read story
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Billie Joe is scheduled to attend the upcoming 'MAGIC' fashion show in Las Vegas on February 13-16. He attended the show last year as well representing Adeline Street.Thanks to 'justcause' for the info ... read story
We're having the final round of the writing contest on the forum starting today. This weeks contest is based around songwriting. If you're interested in entering, visit the forum.There's a photo of Billie Joe and his son in Rolling Stone ... read story
1039/Smooth and Kerplunk were re-released yesterday. I wasn't able to pick up 1039/Smooth, but I understand it's the same as the re-mastered one that was released three years ago and includes the bonus features on the CD, such as live ... read story
Billie Joe was mentioned at #23 on this list of the 25 best guitarists. The aggressively catchy riffs of Billie Joe Armstrong were the most important thing to happen to '90s rock next to Kurt Cobain. A thousand pop-punk bands owe him their ... read story
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Good Charlotte has said that Billie Joe has given them a thumbs up and some advice. Guitarist Benji Madden told MTV that Green Day frontman had complemented the band, saying: "You guys are good, don't ever hold back. Just do what you want ... read story
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There is an article in the newest Kerrang! with Billie Joe. It's a pretty good read, and it got me all excited. Billie Joe said it was a "fair estimate" to assume the new album would come out sometime in 2008. Click here to read it.Scan ... read story
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