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Click to view this scan.There's a two page review of U2's Hawaii gig when Billie Joe joined them on stage in the newest Q magainze, along with a full page photo of Billie and Bono at the concert (on the right). Billie's only mentioned a couple times, but the scans are below. Thanks to Tedifer for the info and shadowiegirl for the scans.
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Green Day landed on the popular trading site twice. They landed as the the 2nd most traded band right behind the Beatles, and were above U2 (who got 3rd place). They also got the number one spot with nimrod. being the most traded CD.

Bullet in a Bible got the number 1 spot in Top Music Video Sales for 2006. Full article. Thanks to Yasmee for the info

The scans from the Punk Rock Confidential magazine have been posted on the forum. Credit to muldey for the scans.

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