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1039/Smooth and Kerplunk were re-released yesterday. I wasn't able to pick up 1039/Smooth, but I understand it's the same as the re-mastered one that was released three years ago and includes the bonus features on the CD, such as live material and a 1991 radio interview along with some pictures. But I did pick up a copy of Kerplunk today. No extras on the CD, but there is a difference in the music; not a huge one, but it does sound better. Below are two short samples with previews from the old versions followed by the new.
· 2000 Light Years Away
· Christie Road

On Kerplunk there is no label saying it's the new remastered version. However look at the fine print on the back of the CD for "Reprise Records" and "greenday.com". Here's a scan of the back. The front looks exactly the same as the old one.

· Forum Discussion

I picked up my copy at Best Buy for $10. If you're too lazy to go to the store, or can't find them around your town, you can order them online at Buy.com for $13 (thats including shipping). Below are the links for those.
· 1039/Smooth
· Kerplunk
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