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The internet is a buzz about the Foxboro Hot Tubs, like it should be. Here are few links to stories around the net talking about the new stuff.

Ultimate Guitar | | AceShowBiz | Undercover | Perez Hilton

Over 2000 results came up in a blog search for 'Foxboro Hot Tubs': you can check out the individual results by clicking here.

Who do you like better The Network or The Foxboro Hot Tub's. Vote in our poll.

And, here are some more videos sent in by you guys playing the music:
Mother Mary by LpJunior537
Highway 1 by sirevilsheep
Mother Mary by yeahgreendayyeah
Mr. Tre Cool celebrates his 35th year of being alive today. The staff from The Green Day Authority would like to wish him a very happy birthday!Thanks to 'eLiSa_gd' for the wonderful banner Here's a video of a guy playing part of "Mother ... read story
The official site for the Foxboro Hot Tub's has launched, and has the 6 songs from the band available for download. The track list is as follows:1. Stop Drop and Roll2. Mother Mary3. Ruby Room4. Red Tide5. Highway 16. She's a Saint not a ... read story
Take a listen to the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Both the Idiot Club and our forum are filled with posts from people who seem sure the voice sounds familiar. The links came from a post on the Idiot Club forum, but didn't really explain how they ... read story
Green Day has been nominated for another Grammy. This year they were nominated for 'Working Class Hero' (info) in the 'Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group' category. They are up against U2, Daughtry, The White Stripes, and Nickelback. ... read story
Billie Joe's Adeline Street will be having a holiday sale through next Sunday(12/9). Everything in the online store has been marked down 20%. Check it out.Don't forget that Adeline Records is also having a sale now on all items in their ... read story announced that Bullet in a Bible will be shown on TV later this month, on Fuse. The dates and times are: Dec. 20 at 8pm, Dec. 21 at 6pm, Dec. 26 at 6pm and Dec. 27 at 4pm.Rolling Stone has a list of The Fifty Best Songs Over ... read story
Green Day took the number 1 spot in last night's countdown of the top 25 Grammy moments. Billie Joe appeared a couple times, then talked for a bit at the end of the show while they showed the 2005 performance of American Idiot. Well ... read story
The Adeline Records store is having an online sale. Everything in their store is 25% off, and the discount will be applied as you check out. Now's probably a good time to check out their awesome Green Day vinyl's and posters. The sale is ... read story
The November 28 issue of Kerrang! comes with a free 2008 calendar featuring bands like Foo Fighters and Muse. We're told Green Day is included in the calendar as well. If you pick up a copy, let us know if Green Day is in there. Update: ... read story
We're going to be featuring a new band once a week in a section called "Band of the Week". We're looking for bands to feature, mainly smaller bands that Green Day fans would be interested in. If you're part of a band, or know of one, send ... read story
We've finally put up all the photos submitted to us from Halloween. Check out the photos of the Green Day themed pumpkins, and fans dressed up as Green Day for Halloween. Earlier this month, NME published their top 50 picks for the coolest ... read story
Holiday was played during the Macy's Day Parade today by the Marching Ravens.Update: Here's a video on YouTube. Thanks to Jeff for the link.We've uploaded an mp3 of them playing for you guys to download, click here. Thanks to Matt C. for ... read story
Billie Joe's and Adrienne's Adeline Street clothing label is holding an open casting call for models. It will take place on Dec. 1 in Santa Ana, California. For more information, check Adeline Street's MySpace.Green Day are nominated for ... read story
A trailer for the documentary film oneninenefour, about the explosion of punk rock in the 90s, which was led by the meteoric rise of Green Day, has just been released and is posted on the film's website. It features interview clips with Fat ... read story
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