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Greenday.com announced that Bullet in a Bible will be shown on TV later this month, on Fuse. The dates and times are: Dec. 20 at 8pm, Dec. 21 at 6pm, Dec. 26 at 6pm and Dec. 27 at 4pm.

Rolling Stone has a list of The Fifty Best Songs Over Seven Minutes Long, picked by editors and readers. It includes Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia. The songs are not ranked from 1st to 50th, they're just in alphabetical order. Rolling Stone's home page has a picture of Billie Joe next to the title of the story.
[Via Vintage Vinyl News]

Blender magazine listed the Top 28 Most Recognizable Guitars. Number 18 is Billie Joe's "Blue." There are videos posted on their site of each guitar being played in various concerts.
[Via Stereogum]

For those who didn't get a chance to see My Night at the Grammys, here's another very, very short clip of Billie Joe from that show: download it here. He's commenting on a tribute to Joe Strummer, from 2003, in which Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, and Dave Grohl performed The Clash's London Calling.
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