As promised, AOL ( just released the music video for "21 Guns" with the musical cast. It's a very cool video showing the guys working with the cast on the recording of the single. It shows them at Studio 880, and you should definitely check it out.
The Grammy Awards are starting. You can watch them online [url=]right here[/url]. Green Day's performance was in the first 15 minutes of the show. For those of you who saw it, what'd you guys ... read story
[newsImage]013110_castla.jpg[/newsImage]Matt C. sent along this message to us from [url=]Alternative Press[/url]: "A video for the new version of the song will premiere on AOL Music on Feb. 1". The rest ... read story
[turl=][newsImage]013010_grammy_rehearse.jpg[/newsImage][/turl]Green Day went in to rehearse for tomorrow's performance with the musical cast at the Grammy's. The Toronto ... read story
Sorry I'm a little late on this, the code for the project page felt like giving me a hard time. You can now [turl=]listen and vote[/turl] for the top entries for the acoustic part of Minority in our ... read story
[newsImage]012910_lotag.jpg[/newsImage]Green Day is set to record their next music video, "Last of the American Girls" with director Marc Webb. Marc also directed '21 Guns', '21st Century Breakdown', and 'Waiting'. The news was confirmed ... read story
Today is the last day to submit entries for the acoustic guitar for our Record a Sawng project. We're recording 'Minority', you can find some [turl=]more info here[/turl]. Tomorrow we will put up ... read story
[url=][newsImage]012810_adeline_charity.jpg[/newsImage][/url]We posted [turl=]over the weekend[/turl] about Adeline Records [url= ... read story
[newsImage]012810_americanidiot.jpg[/newsImage]Earlier this month we [url=]announced[/url] that Green Day will be performing at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Now, we have even more information on Green ... read story
iTunes has just put up the '21 Guns - EP' for download on the iTunes store. The EP includes three versions of the hit single 21 Guns: - 21 Guns (Featuring the Cast of the American Idiot Musical) - 21 Guns (Album Version) - 21 Guns (Live ... read story
2009 was a very busy year for Green Day, so if you're interested in going back and looking through the big stories of last year, we now have the [turl=]2009 Recap[/turl] posted. Clover did all the ... read story
As I mentioned a [turl=]few days ago[/turl], we're starting up our "Record a Sawng" project. If you're new and don't know what this is, [turl=]read this ... read story
[url=][newsImage]012410_studio.jpg[/newsImage][/url]Back in November when the cast of the American Idiot musical joined Green Day to record 21 Guns, some of the cast members were just as excited to ... read story
Green Day is stepping up to the plate along with many other artists and celebrities to help with the relief efforts that are going towards the earthquake victims in Haiti. According to [url=] ... read story
Last spring we started a project called "Record A Sawng", and idea borrowed from Weezer's Rivers Cuomo. In his project he asked people [url=]on YouTube[/url] to help him ... read story
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