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[url=][newsImage]012810_adeline_charity.jpg[/newsImage][/url]We posted [turl=]over the weekend[/turl] about Adeline Records [url=]auctioning off[/url] some really great items (including some rare Green Day stuff) to support a few different charities helping in Haiti.

Most of the auctions end tomorrow, so take a moment and drop by the [url=]eBay Auction Page[/url]. The items have gotten kind of high in current bids (many over $100 and $200, some as high as $500 ). There are a lot of rare test pressings for different Green Day albums - some of which only 5 were ever made. So there are some very rare items in there.

This is such a great cause, and you'll get some very cool and very rare items out of it. So if you can, go and [url=]bid on this stuff[/url].

Update: Jason Chandler (lead singer for The Frustrators) left a comment below and mentioned that whoever won the [url=]The Frustrators Vinyl Test Pressing[/url], to send a message to [url=]their Facebook Page[/url] and he'd "send you something else interesting too".
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