Last spring we started a project called "Record A Sawng", and idea borrowed from Weezer's Rivers Cuomo. In his project he asked people on YouTube to help him write a song; our project is to create a collaboration amongst our visitors and record a Green Day song. We ask for one instrument at a time - then post up our favorite entries and let you guys vote for the best one. The winning entry is added to the final mix, and then we move on to the next instrument and repeat the process.

Last year we chose Minority as the song to record, and we voted on the entries for Drums and Bass, in the end our visitors selected the entries sent in by Tim D. (drums) and Alex P. (bass) (download the mp3).

Starting next Monday we'll take entries for guitar, both acoustic and electric. Here's how it works:

- Download the current instruments (bass and drums) and record your guitar using them as the template. Don't record with Green Day in the background, use these recordings so everyone stays in the same timing.
- Record only your instrument, don't have any background music playing in your recording.
- For guitars, choose to record either acoustic or electric. You can send in entries for both if you want, but they must be separate files.

On Monday we'll have up the contest page with the forms for you guys to submit your recordings for guitars. We will take entries till Friday, January 29th, then put them up for a vote over the weekend.

Update: The contest has now started. All the details can be found on this page.
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