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Green Day performing in London
Today, MTV has announced that Green Day will yet again be the subject of their show World Stage.

Green Day's World Stage episode will air on Friday, August 9th on MTV Europe. As of now we aren't sure which show on Green Day's current tour will be aired on the show. Wouldn't it be cool if it was one of the shows where the band played Dookie in it's entirety?

In 2009 Green Day made their World Stage debut with their performance at the Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany. After airing on MTV, the show screened in movie theaters across Europe and was nominated for Best World Stage Performance in the 2010 EMA's.
For this week's #ThrowbackThursday, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to remind you all of a studio cover Green Day recorded back in 2009. I just remembered about the song the other day as it played on my phone while in shuffle mode ... read story
This week we have a few different featured eBay items. The first two are by the same seller, who wrote in to us to let us know he's selling his Green Day collection of singles and vinyl to raise some money for a move he's making. First ... read story
Green Day's official fan club, the Idiot Nation, is doing yet another Q&A, this time with the band's lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong. You can submit your questions for Billie in the "Q&A with Billie Joe" thread on the ... read story
Green Day's official Facebook page has now hit 30 million likes. Reaching that number puts Green Day around 28th most popular musicians on Facebook. Activity on the official page has stepped up lately with them posting official news ... read story
Announced today via the Oakland Athletics: on August 31st, Green Day will be attending a Green Day-themed "Fireworks Night" at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California. The band will be on the field before the start of the game to ... read story
Here's a pretty great cover of "Holiday" sent in to us, recorded by a band named "Less Than This". I quite enjoyed it. You can check out some music from their demo on this YouTube page. Know some other Green Day covers we should ... read story
Since the release of the trilogy, Converse has been releasing Green Day themed shoes. While the trilogy designs are no longer in stock (they can be found on eBay though), there are still two designs actively being sold by Converse and now ... read story
Famous rock and roll photographer, Bob Gruen, recently sat down to talk about his clients over the years and describes his relationship with Green Day. Head on over to to see some the photos he has taken of Green Day over ... read story
The Killers debuted a new song titled Wembley Stadium yesterday (at...Wembley Stadium) where they sang about some of the bands that have performed at the famous venue. Around 1:47 in the video below Brandon Flowers (lead singer) mentions ... read story
On behalf of the whole GDA team, I would like to wish our fearless leader, Andres, a very happy 27th birthday! Go tweet him @andresgda to send him your birthday wishes. Have a ... read story
Back in early May, we posted a video from Premier Guitar where they go on a gear tour of Green Day's live set up, and now they have posted a photo gallery. It's a great gallery (30+ photos) showing their instruments and equipment they use ... read story
Considering the amount of DVD recordings we have from Green Day spanning all the way back to 1989, we thought it would be time to start remastering and rereleasing these for everyone. The remasters would feature better video/sound, a ... read story
Released just recently is a trailer for the upcoming animated film, "Free Birds," and Green Day's track "Know Your Enemy" is one of the featured songs in the trailer. The film is about two turkeys who travel back to the first ... read story
Our featured eBay item this week is this rare American Idiot vinyl test pressing from 2005. Here's more info from the seller, Rare American Idiot Test Press. Love this guy, but must sell…. Double LP, Only one has been opened to ... read story
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