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Today's featured eBay item is a very nice tour jacket from Green Day's huge 21st Century Breakdown tour. Usually, tour workers and stagehands are given shirts and/or jackets to wear while working and keep for their own. These jackets are obviously fairly uncommon, and make great wearable collector's items.

Some other Green Day tour jackets that I've seen are more of a lighter, windbreaker-style material. The jacket we're featuring today is far nicer -- it has custom embroidery on the sleeve and chest with two different logos and the text "Summer 2010." My favorite part of this jacket is the inside, which is lined with a nice red plaid pattern. This jacket looks high-end and would be great for your closet...head to eBay and bid now!
Long-time California punk band, [url=]Jawbreaker[/url], are currently filming and producing a documentary about the history of their band. On their Facebook page, the band has [url= ... read story
Last night, Mike and Oakland Coffee Works [url=]announced[/url] that the company's coffee is now available for purchase on Amazon. As we [url=]posted[/url ... read story
YouTuber [url=]Jared Dines[/url] has gained a lot of attention recently with his "If (insert band) Was Metal" series where the guitarist covers songs from a band's catalog but in the ... read story
This week's featured eBay item is a cymbal used live by Tré Cool in the early '90s. After breaking it on stage, he personally signed it and gave it to the stage manager. Check out this one of a kind item [url= ... read story
As we [url=]posted[/url] last week, the film Geezer, starring Billie Joe, will have its world premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival next month in New York. Since posting, the festival's ... read story
After more than a year we've finally got off our asses an updated the [url=]Fan Tattoos section[/url]. Go check the more than 1,000 awesome Green Day tattoos sent in by fans from around the ... read story
The official Green Day website, [url=][/url], has just received a fresh coat of paint through a small design and graphics update. Doing away with the Trilogy color scheme, the site has ... read story
According to [url=]Rolling Stone[/url] and [url= ... read story
A very respectable cover of "Basket Case" from the Denmark X-Factor. [youtube=CaMvQaHlX2c ... read story
[Update at the bottom] Back in November Green Day [url=]released[/url] a limited edition of American Idiot on red and white vinyl for Record Store Day on Black Friday. They were limited to 5,000 ... read story
After his performance of Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive", American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. told contestant Dalton Rapattoni that he reminded him of Billie Joe Armstrong because of his sincerity. It was a pretty nice comment! Check it ... read story
"A Tribute to Dookie" recorded by Bay Area bands to help 924 Gilman is now [url=]available for purchase from[/url]. [quote]In ... read story
Friday night at the Fox Theater in Oakland, bands from the Bay Area paid tribute to 924 Gilman and Green Day's Dookie in a special, one-night musical event. In the middle of the event, with Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré on stage next to her ... read story
Last night, the band appeared at a Dookie tribute show at their hometown Fox Theater. A different local artist or band performed one of each of the 14 tracks from the original album, and proceeds from the show went to 924 Gilman (the club ... read story
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