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Last night, Mike and Oakland Coffee Works announced that the company's coffee is now available for purchase on Amazon.

As we posted a few months ago, Mike, Billie Joe, and others have formed a coffee company called Oakland Coffee Works that is selling whole bean coffee, sourced from the Andes Mountains across Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia. The great part about the product (other than the coffee being pretty darn good - I can say so myself) is that the bag the beans are sold in is 100% compostable and made from plants, rather than petroleum.

A 3/4 pound bag of Oakland Coffee Works coffee beans are selling for $12.99 on Amazon, shipped free to Prime members. That is the same price the company is selling them for on their website, where you can also purchase a company t-shirt.

Oakland Coffee Works has also mentioned previously that they are working on 100% compostable coffee pods (such as for a Keurig machine) and they should be available soon.

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