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[Update at the bottom]

Back in November Green Day released a limited edition of American Idiot on red and white vinyl for Record Store Day on Black Friday. They were limited to 5,000 copies, and we got some to giveaway! We really need to do more contests.

For this contest we want you guys to record a cover of any song from American Idiot, including its B-sides (see below for those tracks). We'll take entries between now and March 15th. Members of our forum, Green Day Community, will pick the top 10 submissions. The top 10 will be posted here on GDA for everyone to vote on. We're simply looking for the best cover. It's not a contest to see who can sound the most like Green Day, so don't be afraid to get creative!

  • Record yourself covering any song on American Idiot
  • Only one song, and one entry per person
  • Entries have to be sent in by March 15th
  • Email your mp3 (audio only, no videos) to (subject as "Contest Entry - song title" would be helpful). Submission deadline is passed.

    If anyone steals someone's cover and submits it as their own, we will publicly shame you.

    The top 10 will be announced March 20th April 4th and voting for the winner will be open for a week.

    Let's go! I'm really excited to get a contest going, and hopefully have many more in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below in the comments. I'd also like to hear suggestions for other types of contests we can do in the future.

    Here's a picture of the album from thedeejaysee for some motivation.

    * B-sides: "Favorite Son," "Too Much Too Soon," "Governator," and "Shoplifter."

    UPDATE March 27th:
    We're now a full week behind schedule on this. My apologies. We have a lot of great entries, then work took up more of my week than I anticipated. I should have done a better job of letting you guys know the status, so my apologies for that.

    But I still want to see this through since so many of you took the time to enter. We're pushing the top 10 vote to April 4th. We've updated the date above to reflect this. We'll post all the entries on our forum for them to pick the top 10, and we'll announce the top 10 here next week, April 4th.

    Again, sorry for the delay!
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