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The new music video has been posted. You can watch the video in the GDA Player by clicking here. (thanks to arohex for getting the video for us). If that doesn't work, you can use one of these links: |

You can purcahse a download of the video from iTunes now. Click Here. Purchases will benefit Amnesty International.

Some screenshots have been posted up in the Picture Vault.

What do you think about the new video? Share your thoughs in the forum.

The video will also be posted up in the Idiot Club for members later on today.
So...we have a server bill coming up on Thursday for $150. If any of you can donate online (via PayPal with credit/debit card or a PayPal account) please click here and help us out. I get tired of asking for donations, but sometimes we just ... read story
The new music video for Working Class Hero will debut on TRL (MTV) on Thursday, May31st. We originally heard it would be today, but both MTV and Reprise say Thursday.You will be able to purchase and download the video from iTunes on that ... read story
Entertainment Weekly talked with Sam Bayer (director) about the upcoming Working Class Hero music video. He mentions that the video will have some dialouge from survivors of the genocide in Darfur, as well as keep the old "documentary style ... read story
Green Day will be releasing their rendition of the classic Simpson's theme song on July 24th for the movie soundtrack. Full Article on Green Day has designed a Working Class Hero shirt that will be for sale at Hard Rock Caf& ... read story
We have put up around 40 photos (pretty good quality) in the Picture Vault from last nights performance on American Idol. You can watch the performance in the GDA Player by clicking here.For those of you just finding out about Working Class ... read story
We got word in that Green Day will be on American Idol tonight. They will be performing Working Class Hero!!Idol starts at 8pm EST on Fox.» Forum Discussion - Visit the forum for any updates as we get them (photos, etc.)Update 1:02AM ... read story
We just got word in that the Working Class Hero video will debut next Tuesday, May 29 on TRL, and will be airing every hour on both MTV2 and MTVU.I've lost creativity for thinking of new poll questions. So, what better time to ask you guys ... read story
Just letting you guys know that I'm out of town visiting my parents for a few days. I probably won't update GDA till i get back home on Thursday, unless there is something really important to share.Take care ... read story
American Idiot was chosen as the Best Comeback Album ever by Rolling Stone Magazine. Full Article.We have a new poll question up asking which recent Green Day cover you think is best. You can vote on the right side or on the GDA Poll page. ... read story
Green Day + NRDC has put up some dogtags designed by Billie Joe and Adrienne. You can get one by donating $10 or more dollars to the NRDC.From the site: It’s designed by Adrienne and Billie Joe, it’s made of 100% recycled metal ... read story
Contra Costa Times did an interview with Billie Joe's mom, Ollie Armstrong, along with his brother Alan and sister Marci. It's a great interview mostly focusing on Ollie Armstrong raising her kids.Happy Mothers DayThanks to Danillo for ... read story
Idiot Club members can view some new pictures and some raw video from the Working Class Hero video shoot. Below is one of the photos, but please join the Idiot Club if you'd like to see the rest.We've also posted up a few screen shots from ... read story
MTV has confirmed that Green Day will be in the upcoming Simpsons movie. From the article: "Green Day is in the movie - I will publicly acknowledge that Green Day are in the movie," "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening laughed. "They're really ... read story
Tre Cool joined Alice Cooper and 250 other golfers yesterday at the 11th annual celebrity golf tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have a couple photos from the event posted up in the pic vault. · Article | AZCentral.comIf ... read story
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