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[img=102511_tre.jpg]Tre Cool has been listed in [url=] Riverfront Times Blog[/url] "The Six Best Drum Fills" for his part in the entrance to Green Day's Basket Case:

[quote]Speed is a virtue. Green Day drummer Tre Cool understands this, but unlike his more famous and more proficient pop-punk cohort Travis Barker, Cool usually keeps his technical abilities in his back pocket in the name of taste. The entrance to "Basket Case" is his best instance of letting loose in Green Day's twenty year catalog. And it's absolutely effective, boosting the dynamic of the song as he interrupts Billie Joe Armstrong's palm muted intro. Toward the second half of the fill, he goes into Animal-from-Muppets mode. It's as if his hands have taken over and his brain is thinking "oh my god what am I doing I can't believe I'm playing this!" And then Cool crashes a cymbal and pushes forward into his signature midtempo beat, Earth's axis realigns, Pluto is a planet again and all is right in the universe..[/quote]
You can see the full list [url=]here[/url].

Thanks to desertrose for sending this news.
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