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It all began when a link to the Foxboro Hot Tubs' Myspace originally was sent out to just a few members of the Green Day fan club (The Idiot Club) in December 2007. There were only 3 songs uploaded to their Myspace player at the time, and the link to their official website was still under construction. Quickly though, as the link was widely being shared on the forums and sent around to people both inside and outside the Green Day community, their popularity began to rise as well as the initial rumor that they were in fact "Green Day" in disguise.

The majority of people believed that this was indeed Green Day working under a new pseudonym, but not everyone was so sure. The sound was very different from previous Green Day, but the singing was unmistakably Billie Joe's.

On December 8 the bands official site,, was launched with a free download of the 6-song EP. The original song list included Stop Drop and Roll, Mother Mary, Ruby Room, Red Tide, Highway 1, and She's a Saint not a Celebrity. As word of the new music spread, the official site ran into problems (we assume) causing it to be taken offline randomly and limiting the downloads to the lucky people online at the right time. As soon as word got out that this might indeed be Green Day, articles from Ultimate Guitar,, AceShowBiz, Undercover, and even Perez Hilton started showing up as well as the visits to their Myspace quickly jumping above 15,000 in only a few days.

Things remained pretty quiet while people enjoyed the six new tunes. During that time people did begin to get an understanding (along with more clues) about the name of the band. 'Foxboro' is a reference to Billie Joe and Mike's neighborhood in their hometown of Rodeo, CA. They supposedly used to sneak in and chill inside the neighbor's hot tubs. Also it had been discovered that the 'Ruby Room' (3rd song on the Myspace) is the name of a bar in Oakland, CA ( city in the Bay Area near where Green Day lives/works). On February 16, 2008 it was released that a 13-song album titled 'Stop Drop & Roll,' would be released sometime soon on a new label called 'Jingletown Records'. The name Jingletown is also the name of a neighborhood in Oakland. A reference to Jingletown is also brought up in Green Day's song 'Homecoming' which has the lyric in the 'We're Coming Home' section, "We're back in the barrio, but to you and me, that's Jingletown."

On February 26, The Green Day Autority posted news that there was to be a 7" vinyl released for the first single off of 'Stop Drop & Roll.' This single would contain only the two songs 'Mother Mary' and 'She's A Saint Not A Celebrity,' and was to be released on March 25th.