As we mentioned a couple months ago, Weird Al's new CD Straight Out of Lynnwood will have a parody of Green Day. That song is called "Canadian Idiot", and will be on the CD when it's released September 26th (you can pre-order the album on his site). We'll be posting a clip of the song here on GDA in the next day or two.

Music RisingAs for the upcoming Green Day/U2 song, this article from ESPN confirms that the performance will be for the pre-show on September 25th. Rhapsody is sponsoring the event, and according to this article from, you will be able to hear an audio stream of the performance here shortly after the event. The recorded track will be available through Rhapsody as well.

We've reorganized the Picture Vault index page so it should be easier to navigate now. We also created a place for Green Day and U2 photos. We'll be adding more there as we get them.

The download for Life During Wartime (#6) in the extra media has been fixed.

Just a tip: from now on you'll notice for each of the items we link in the news, if you leave your mouse over one of the links (such as 'this article'), you'll get the articles headline.
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