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Click to see this image in the Pic VaultBillie Joe joined U2 last night on stage in Hawaii during their encore for their final show in the Vertigo Tour to play The Saints Are Coming. We have a couple images from the after party, we're still working to get some photos from the performance. You can check out for a review of the show.

Update 3:32 pm: There's a video on youtube of the last 43 seconds of the performance.

Our Holiday Banner Contest is still running, and we've got some pretty good entries in so far. Some of the entries are now in rotation at the top of the site. Be sure to get your entries in before Wednesday.

Our thanks to those who have donated to gda this month.

You might notice that we put up some Christmas songs that Billie Joe recorded a few years ago on the rightside of the site. The quality isn't too great, but it's the best we got and it's better than nothing. Enjoy.
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