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This weeks 'song of the week' is 80 off of Kerplunk. Billie wrote the song in the early 90's to his future wife, Adrienne. We've posted up a video of Green Day playing the song live in 1992, as well as a cover of the song by a fan (a pretty good cover too). If for some pathetic reason you don't own Kerplunk and haven't heard the song, we've also put up a streaming version of the song. Check all of this stuff out on the forum. Feel free to leave your comments.

The winner our St. Patricks Green Day banner contest was Louisa, and the runner up was Monica. The winning banner is below. Thanks to everyone who entered, and all of you who voted. And i apologize for being so late with this announcement. Last week was mid-terms, then Easter came up. Blah blah, excuses excuses.

A new poll has been put up. Will you buy the Foxboro Hot Tubs CD?
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