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There were some rumors going around a few months ago that Green Day might be appearing at the Reading/Leeds Festival this year, but it's not true. We got this confirmed from someone associated with the band, and the festival's official site announced the line-up yesterday. No Green Day. Visit the Picture Vault and check out the photos of Green Day playing the festival in 2004. That should help calm your nerves.

It's being said that Billie Joe's other band, Pinhead Gunpowder will be releasing a new EP in late May. We did hear that he announced this at a couple of the shows the band played earlier this year, and apparently this info was shared with some Idiot Club members.

I know, you guys want Green Day news. We'll take what we can get for now, and be assured that when the next album is announced everyone will be going crazy. I'm sure it'll be worth the excruiatingly long wait.
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