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An interview with Adrienne Armstrong was published in the latest issue of Knit.1 magazine. There's a photo of Billie Joe and Adrienne and another one of just Adrienne. Here are the scans of the interview: 1, 2. It also says Adrienne will be co-writing a book on eco-friendly knitting. A more extended audio of the same interview was podcast last fall on Vickie Howell's website. Via Vickie Howell.

According to Punk News and Amazon, the Foxboro Hot Tubs album, the physical one that we can hold in our hot little hands, will come out May 13, 2008. I'm enjoying the FHT songs more and more the more I listen. I wrote a little review here.

The news that Green Day admitted to being the Foxboro Hot Tubs made a big splash all over the web, even though no one was actually surprised. Here's a sampling of news reports: Rolling Stone, Ultimate Guitar, Red Pill, Idolator, Undercover.
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