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Exciting night last night as the Foxboro Hot Tubs kicked off their southern US mini-tour in Oakland, CA. We heard the line for the event started forming about 12 hours before the show, with 6 people already in line. By afternoon there were over 100 people standing around, but the good news is that everyone was able to get in. So showing up that early was a bit overkill, but the person we heard from who did show up 10 hours early got to stand right in front of Billie Joe and even ended up getting pushed into him a few times and got to see the entire band as close as you'll probably ever see. Crazy crowd apparently.

The show started at 8pm. Three bands opened up for them, and our guys took the stage about 11pm. Foxboro played all 13 of their songs, and then followed with The Network's Supermodel Robots and then Blood, Sex & Booze. They did an encore where they played a bunch of cover songs (still trying to figure out which ones for sure).

We're hoping to see some photos in over the next couple days. "Billie Joe was dressed like a pimp..long coat,black shirt, loads of chain necklaces, white sunglasses and his hair was blonde and very spikey!" One of the forumers who was in town from Ireland and got to see the show, was also lucky enough to meet Billie, Adrienne and Tre. She posted about the encounter here on the forum and mentioned how generous and genuinely nice all of them were. She also mentioned Tre licked her hair? Can't say I'm surprised.

The photo above is from Flickr from user GoatLegSF.

More photos:
- by Ualani
- by First Class Bitch

As fbht mentioned in the comments, the guy with black hair playing guitar, on the left in the photo posted above, is Kevin Preston from the band Prima Donna. Marie_GD on the forum got a message from him:
I met Mike and the guys back in the Skulls days. They called me because they wanted an additional guitar player and I said yes! I did not record for the album. They recorded months ago before I joined. Playing with them is truly amazing. They are the coolest guys on the planet!
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