[newsImage]121809_myspace.jpg[/newsImage]21st Century Breakdown placed #40 out of 50 on MySpace's Year In Music / Albums. Here's what MySpace had to say about it:
[quote]Now we know that some people may argue that 21st Century Breakdown wasn't as good as Green Day's last album, 2004's American Idiot. But then again how could it be? If it were, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong would have probably had to unscrew two bolts from his neck and reveal that he was actually a robot. What he did instead was work up a handful of songs that still manage to rank among his band's best: The guitar flameout of "Restless Heart Syndrome" was an obvious highlight, but really it was the epic ballad "21 Guns" that set the bar. After all, this was a song so note-perfect that it found Green Day practically begging any other group going on 25 years to match it. And guess what? This time next year they'll probably still be waiting for anyone to come close.[/quote]

Green Day also got a mention on Rolling Stone.com's Readers' Rock List: Most Underrated Album of the Decade. Warning placed at #17 on the list of 20.
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