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The Pinhead Gunpowder album, which we've been talking about for a while, will be out August 12. Well, that's at least according to Interpunk.com which has the 7" vinyl listed on sale for that day. We got word that the EP will be available on CD (or download) so everyone can enjoy it without bugging your grandparents to dust off that old record player. I have my fingers crossed that the date won't be pushed back multiple times like the Foxboro stuff was, but let's just be patient and we'll get more details as soon as they come up.

In other side-band news, we got the "official" Foxboro lyrics posted up on the Foxboro page. The lyrics were included in the CD inlay of the Japanese import version of 'Stop Drop & Roll', and were posted on the forum by our friend sharon mitchell. So any lyrics that we still weren't sure about, have been cleared up. If you're one of those people still trying to figure out what the hell Billie Joe is saying in these songs check out this page.
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