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Our very observant friend on the forum, justcause, found a tiny mention of Green Day in a recent article about the Plain White T's (who released their new album yesterday). The article mentions that the T's were working together on their album in a rented home out in Malibu. And here's the quote:
One day after a run on the beach, Higgenson came home just as Billie Joe Armstrong and the other members of Green Day arrived unannounced to say hello and check out the house for a recording project of their own.

Hard to say with any certainty, but Wikipedia says the T's were expected to record April - July 2008, which would suggest that maybe Green Day was looking at the place to start their recording a little later in the summer.

Green Day is also mentioned by The Queers lead singer, Joe King, about the current state of the punk rock scene. The Queers were signed with Lookout! Records during the same time as Green Day back in the early 90's. Though Green Day signed on with Reprise in 1994, they remained with Lookout! to distribute their first two albums. Unfortunately both Green Day and The Queers left Lookout! entirely in 2005/2006 after a breach of contract with the label for unpaid royalties. The Queers continue to this day, currently on Asian Man Records.
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