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In a YouTube interview with Tom Delonge he mentions that his shoe company, Macbeth, is working with Mike Dirnt to release a pair of shoes designed by him, along with some from bands like Muse, MCR, and some others. He also mentioned it takes about a year to make them - so we'll have to wait and see when these first come up. If we get anymore info we'll be sure to pass it along. You can watch the interview here (he mentions this about 3 minutes in). Thanks to Andrew for spotting this and sending the video to us.

Toward the end of the video (8:00) he talks about the Green Day/Blink riff, asking if it's true Green Day talked crap about them when they toured together. Tom's reply was "It wasn't a Green Day thing, it was a Tre thing cause he's out of his mind and mildly retarded and says things he doesn't really think about". Yup, that's our Tre. He then went on to say that they were really friends, he'd talked to Billie Joe just a couple days ago and has been working with Mike on that design for Macbeth.
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